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What is CRM really?

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CRM. It’s not what you think. Type ‘what is CRM’ into your browser of choice and you’ll be presented with any number of responses, all saying that CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a set of IT systems and software that enable businesses to better serve their customers.   That’s fine,…

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Why charities need to merge digital insights & traditional insights for the good of the sector. Janet Sneddon talks to UK Fundraising.

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I recently attended the 2015 Insight in Fundraising Awards and saw first-hand the great work charities are doing across the country. The event did, however, highlight a growing need for change in relation to digital analytics in the third sector. In every awards category, as many as five shortlisted entries…

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The future of customer engagement – Intelligent, engaging, relevant, hyper-personalised.

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You already know what works: technology that can target and customise ads, content and offers with unparalleled precision. And creative that grabs the attention of busy consumers by meeting them precisely when they’re ready to watch/read/listen. It’s not the what of customer engagement that’s changing. It’s the how. Engaging with…

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