We are Amaze One

Rigour. Magic. Heart

Wonderful things happen when you fuse rigour and intelligence with creativity and imagination. That was the starting point for Amaze One, a collaboration between the digital marketing brilliance of Amaze and the data-driven know-how of Occam.

But there was something else. Data driven insight needs more than fearless creativity to make the data sing. And even the best creative thinking won’t forge real relationships unless it uses something more than data.

It needs heart.

There’s a reason CRM has relationships at its centre (literally and figuratively). That’s why we’re humanising CRM. We’ve found that irresistible sweet spot that sits between bullet-proof data insight, award-winning creativity, and the behavioural understanding that helps us really connect.

Amaze One is a place where brands really shine.

Engage, profitably

There’s nothing pink and fluffy about building better relationships with your customers. It’s how you lock in profit for the long term, and it doesn’t just happen. So prepare to be challenged. Prepare for difficult decisions. Prepare for easy wins. And prepare for profitable engagement.

Stop managing, start amazing

It’s the ‘M’ of CRM that’s the problem, isn’t it? Your customer relationships don’t need ‘managing’. They need energising, enlivening, empowering and connecting. At Amaze One, CRM stops being a series of loosely connected interruptions and becomes a seamless journey, punctuated with relevant and immersive experiences.

Connecting clever

Every day, Amaze One people arrive ready to do something brilliant. It’s not just their individual specialisms that make the difference (although that counts for a lot). We’ve created a space where it’s easier for extraordinary people to do extraordinary things. It’s a space for connecting and generating ideas. It’s a space that delivers better results for you.

Our people

Paul Normington

Creative Director

Damian Coverdale


Sarah Hooper

CRM Divisional Director

Tony Murphy

Board Member

Janet Hester

Head of Insight

Helen Bowling

Associate Director - CRM Division