We are Amaze One

Everything you need to build real customer relationships in one place.

CRM Agency Amaze One, is a collaboration between digital marketing consultancy Amaze and the data-driven know-how of Occam. Together, we unite forty years of original thinking in digital and data marketing into one powerful approach to CRM.

It’s an approach that creates communications built on unique insight; communications that stand out by being out of the ordinary. It’s an approach that drives profit through engagement.

Creating brilliant customer experiences

Do you know what your customers really feel?

To build amazing customer experiences, firstly you need to know what that experience is like right now. You need to understand what motivates all your customers and pursue all the contact routes to reach them. You need to create content that inspires.

CRM with Amaze One puts everything you need to build real relationships in one place. The data. The insight. The analysis. The creativity.

Amaze One turns every customer interaction into information that creates value – for you and your customers. We do that by combining a breadth of channel and data understanding in a united suite of elements, each informing, and informed by, the other.

Breathe new life into your marketing campaigns and engage your customers for the long term with Amaze One.

We think differently

Amaze One was set up to break down the inherent silos of traditional CRM processes.

For you, and for us, the key to profitable CRM is in the spark of truly interconnected disciplines. So interconnected, in fact, that they are indivisible: information is insight, understanding is engagement.

The unique significance of our approach lies in the powerful blend of precise data, creativity and original thinking – never singly, always together.

By uniting the silos traditionally associated with ordinary CRM, we amplify the effectiveness of each. The result is communications that truly inspire and propositions that make a real difference.

We love what we do


Like the campaigns we develop, Amaze One people are an inspired blend of data and technology know-how and creativity.

They are scientists, turning data into the sort of intelligence that answers your key business challenges. They are translators, helping the worlds of marketing and technology understand each other better so your campaigns run more smoothly. They are the developers and designers who add creativity to information to create successful campaigns. And they are experts, with insight, experience and a profound understanding of what engages your customers.

Perhaps most importantly of all, they love what they do.

Our people

Paul Kennedy

Data Strategy Director

Paul Normington

Creative Director

Sarah Hooper

Planning and Communications Director

Janet Snedden

Deputy Managing Director

Sandra McDowell

Board Director