Amaze One’s head of ‘getting stuff done’, Helen’s role spans customer targeting, creative and core campaign delivery. It’s Helen’s job to identify and nurture talent, and to ensure the right practitioner is working with the right client. She also heads up Amaze One’s technology partnerships with the St Ives Group, joining the dots between process, systems,tech and people.

Helen graduated from Liverpool John Moores University (the university that produced Amaze) before her work in software as a service, tech startups and customer success management took her to work this Clients in USA, India and Europe.

Her background in e-commerce has made Helen a champion for the move towards a holistic omnichannel experience, and she loves meeting with clients to explore how the latest tech trends could help solve problems, and support them in achieving their CRM ambitions.

Helen finds hot yoga the best antidote to life in the fast-paced world of CRM delivery (well, that and her ongoing quest to find the perfect gin and tonic).

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