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Amaze One’s Sarah Hooper on creating the emails you open

Digital Marketing ShowWhat’s the difference between the emails you open and the ones you don’t? On 18/19 November at Excel, London, Amaze One’s Sarah Hooper will explain.

Every year, the Digital Marketing Show offers insight and solutions that help you understand how the digital world can help deliver your marketing objectives. It’s an ever-evolving world, and that’s especially true of email campaigns.

“The difference between emails that are a hit and those that miss the mark isn’t a simple matter of one company doing X while the other does Y,” explains Sarah Hooper, Amaze One’s Planning & Communications Director. “In reality, the reason customers open some emails and not others depends on a carefully constructed combination of message, relevancy, creativity and technical execution.

“Put simply, the emails we are most likely to open are the ones where the sender has taken the time and effort to ensure that what they send us matters.”

On November 19, Sarah will share her essentials for ensuring your email marketing campaigns resonate with your target audience. She’ll explore how your emails need a reason to be, how to really measure campaign performance, and how you ensure the design and technical aspects of your email enhance your campaigns rather than obstruct them.

“Essentially,” says Sarah, “these are the factors that separate the emails a customer clicks on from the ones they don’t. It’s what makes people read on. It’s what drives results.”

The Digital Marketing Show 2016 takes place at Excel, London on 18-19 November 2015. You can see Sarah’s presentation on 19 November 2015 in the Automated and Email Marketing Theatre at 1.40pm.

Find out more about Sarah here.