Data Strategy Director, Paul Kennedy discusses his role and what it's like to work for Amaze One. - Amaze One

Data Strategy Director, Paul Kennedy discusses his role and what it’s like to work for Amaze One.

Paul KennedyWe have some great characters here at Amaze One from different parts of the country, world and from different walks of life. Together they make up a team who are passionate about helping brands deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Every few months we will feature a member of our team so you can get to know the people who make it all happen.  First up is Paul Kennedy,  Data Strategy Director.

Tell me a little bit about yourself?

I joined Amaze One in January after a number of years in the data and digital marketing industry. Originally from Dublin, I was attracted to London to work for the BBC in an Engineering role and have not looked back.

So, what do you do at Amaze One?

Helping clients to make the best use of data to create a positive value exchange between brands and their customers. I’m also leading the development of new capabilities and propositions here at Amaze One and we have some exciting developments in the pipeline which are definitely not run of the mill.

In one sentence, how would you describe what the company does?

We help clients create effective interactions with customers by bringing together the often disparate agency domains of data, insight, planning and creative.

How did you get started in the industry?

Setup a data solutions business at Mail Marketing in the early 2000’s driving integrated communications programmes for clients. We created highly personalised online communications using transactional data. One client asked for highly personalised fax messages delivered at scale!

What makes Amaze One different?

We have analysts sitting shoulder to shoulder with designers and planners. The rigour of working with data happens on the same shared workbench as the magic of building creative customer communications.

What makes you want to go to work?

Inspiring colleagues who cannot be held back and clients who want us to help them grow their customer franchises by being served by more parts of our business

There is lots happening today in the marketing/data space – where do you think the industry is going?

There has been much excitement (and maybe even hype) about the convergence of direct marketing and advertising. We have seen some interesting ‘hit and run’ applications of this for acquisition purposes but it is now time to embed programmatic advertising into CRM communications and customer journeys.

What do you think are the biggest challenges brands face today?

  • Trust. Protecting customer data.
  • True value exchange.
  • Building learning relationships with each customer rather than adopting a ‘one promotion at a time’ mentality.
  • Building sustainable differentiation.

What is your biggest claim to fame?

Shared a drink with Donald Trump whilst working at one of his casinos. You will need to buy me a very strong coffee if you want to find out what was said.

Any advice for people who are interested in a marketing career?

Rise to a higher level of abstraction – always consider the wider context of marketing and your role; how does your role contribute to overall company objectives; Make sure everything you write, present and say can easily be understood by identifying your over riding message and structuring your thoughts accordingly, backed up with suitable evidence.

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