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To understand what’s next, you really need to know what came before. Amaze One’s Practice Guides help you do both, refreshing the ground rules and filling in the bits you missed, while exploring the latest thinking. If you’re working in digital, CRM, creative or data roles, this is your encyclopaedia.


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Fair Trade

This report reveals more of the research, examines what a fairer deal looks like, and suggests new approaches for engineering it. It includes:

  • Amaze One’s latest research into customer attitudes surrounding personal data collection and usage, channel marketing and content
  • Why getting the ‘value exchange’ right has never mattered more
  • The barriers to a fairer trade for data – and how to overcome them
  • How to redesign the value exchange to build consumer trust, control and engagement


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Rediscover the ‘R’ in CRM

As we approach the era of GDPR, it’s time for marketers to take a long, hard look at their approach to CRM. Rising concerns about data privacy are coming from customers who are becoming more demanding about when and how brands communicate with them.In this follow up to our ‘Fair Trade?’ the questions we ask include:

  •  How do consumers feel about how their personal information is used?
  • What factors are important in making a consumer willing to engage with a brand?
  • What content do they want to consume?
  • What makes them reluctant to engage or to opt out of contact?


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Customer Contact Strategy

It’s how you engage your customers more effectively. It’s also what they expect – and it doesn’t happen by accident. So how do you create customer journeys that match ever-greater expectations? The answer lies in your customer contact strategy.

  • What is a customer contact strategy? And how can it suit my company?
  • How do I implement it?
  • How do I ensure it meets my expectations and the needs of the customer?


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Data Capture

Now more than ever, data holds the key to a successful marketing campaign.

  • But how do you stay on the right side of the law when gathering your data?
  • How do you show your customers the value of opting into your brand communications?
  • How can the way you perform data capture help build trust?
  • And how will the new Data Protection Regulations change the landscape for marketers and the data they use?


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Control Groups

It may seem counter intuitive but there is real value in not communicating with a proportion of your customers. Control groups are the only way you can accurately measure the true success of your campaign. Are you using them as part of your marketing Strategy?

  • How do you decide which customers should be in your control group?
  • How do you go make the first steps to creating one?
  • Is there anything else you should be considering?


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Digital Marketing Strategy

As data volumes increase and technology advances, how do you create the right digital strategy for you?

  • How to form links between channels to avoid unnecessary asset creation
  • The distinction between – and benefits of – owned, paid and earned media
  • How to measure the performance of your strategy
  • How to test the customer experience


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This practice guide will show you how to create emails that drive clicks. Emails people really read. Emails that matter. An essential guide for general and digital marketers, and CRM specialists, download the guide now to discover how to:

  • Create emails with purpose
  • Segment & categorise your email campaigns
  • Match captivating design with powerful content
  • Test and measure campaign performance
  • Avoid spam filters
  • Ensure every email looks great on every device, every time

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