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GDPR – Why it makes sense to start with your supporters

May 25th marks the biggest overhaul of data protection legislation for over 25 years. Failure to comply with GDPR could lead to fines and worse still, seriously affect a charity’s ability to raise funds.

Some charities are underway with their GDPR strategy, adopting an opt-in only model. Many of you will have seen the RNLI and Cancer Research UK consent campaigns, looking for cues and clues on the best way forward. But while opting-in may suit some organisations, it may not actually be the most effective strategy for all. Should you bow to the mounting pressure of a sector-wide opt-in approach, or is it better to contact your supporters first and give them an opportunity to opt out?

While the debate rolls on one thing is for certain; doing nothing is not an option and leaving it any longer could be catastrophic.

It’s time to address the GDPR elephant in the room.   Use the following links to see what Laura Chapman, one of our senior planners has to say on how GDPR could affect charities.


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Laura Chapman

Senior Planner