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Is it time to take content off its pedestal?

Sarah Hooper - happy in her work.

By Sarah Hooper on 22 June 2016

The idea of content as some sort of messianic marketing device has stuck so well that, regardless of business, product or market, there has been a compulsion to simply ‘do content’. With securing and retaining permissions, building relationships and earning trust more important than ever, is it time for content to integrate more with the rest of the marketing mix?

I’m frustrated at the tendency to place content on a pedestal it doesn’t quite deserve. Never mind about the consumer’s physical experience – what about the content? Never mind about how, when or even whether you should engage – what about the content? And never mind the fact that you have got a decade’s worth of abandoned publishing models in the closet (rather proving my point) – what about the content?

Too often, content has not had the scaffold of data, insight and creativity to support it. We have jumped the gun, getting personal without building the foundations. We have been over-enamoured by sexy production standards without stopping to ask what the point of all that sexiness is. We have kept content and data strategy apart, which is a bit like attending a gig where the rhythm section is in one room and the vocalist is in another.

Over the next couple of years, the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will put the way we engage under greater scrutiny than ever before. If consumers are going to want to hear what brands have to say, and share information with them, then content is going to have to climb down off its pedestal and integrate.

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