Change the way you seek and engage with supporters – and transform results – with Engagement Builder from Amaze One and partners Harvest and Boy on a Beach.

Following the launch of our latest charity research and the success of our event at The Shard, we’ve developed Engagement Builder, a unique, bespoke package designed to help you optimise your communications and engage your supporters.

What’s included:

Let our experts dig deep into your data to understand what your supporters really want from you. With research tailored to your product portfolio and supporter base, we’ll help you see your donors in a brand new light, and show you how improving engagement leads to improved donations.

Are your communications engaging? We’ll use the findings from Insight to review your customer journeys, segmentation & communications. Then we’ll reveal the opportunities you’re currently missing to leverage data, supporter insight and creativity.

Take practical steps to improve the way you engage. Develop your roadmap for engagement with a 2-day clinic, facilitated by our experts. Together, we will map key improvements, explore how to align changes with your charity’s capabilities and culture, and develop a KPI framework that helps you measure your success.

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