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When you make complex customer purchasing information simple, it’s easier to explain, easier to use, and easier to put to work across your brand portfolio.


We’re supporting a leading multi-brand high street and online retailer in developing the analytical tools that simplify its customer purchasing information. By doing so, we’re helping the client understand how earlier strategies have influenced the current position. We’re making it easier to explain, present and disseminate data across its brands. And we’re establishing the platforms that will let the client take future analysis in-house.

The Challenge

Amaze One’s client has a detailed understanding of sales revenue and volume, but a less well defined picture of customer purchasing behaviour. We were approached to undertake a customer insight and reporting project, to develop a more customer-centric view that would help efforts to optimise sales and promotional strategy.

The Solution

We’re working with the retailer on a three stage approach:

Stage 1: Health of the online brand – to understand key trends in customer mix, purchasing behaviour, and the impact of previous strategies on relative market position

Stage 2: Customer dashboards – to provide an ongoing, up to date view of online buying behaviour, accessible to all users within the business

Stage 3: Customer segmentation – general sales and promotional strategy to understand different purchasing patterns

The Outcome

Stage 1 is complete and the results are already providing the intended insight. Amaze One has now started work on stages 2 and 3. Crucially, we’re working with the client to ensure that once the dashboards and segmentation are complete they can be maintained in-house.

As the client’s Head of Customer Insight notes, building the tools to put the company in control of its own CRM is “an example of how Amaze One differs from traditional agencies and offers added value to the client.”