Tailoring every customer communication

Getting Northerners from A to B

Our marketers have been working with Northern Rail to understand the when, where and why of customer interactions to create better results.

The Challenge

When you don’t fully understand your customers, you can never fully realise their value. Northern Rail wanted to better understand its customer interactions, so it could create more effective marketing campaigns and better meet the needs of a diverse target audience.

The Solution

Northern Rail needed to segment its customer base. Occam, part of Amaze One, created niche groups based on traveller type, activity preferences, preferred/nearest station, frequency of travel and the value of their custom to Northern Rail.

The Outcome

The new segmentation enables Northern Rail to personalise the content of emails. Students in Newcastle who regularly enjoy travelling to gigs, for example, receive different content to students in York. The ‘activity preference’ segment is the hook that drives users to consider the train, while irresistible offers prompt them to book their tickets immediately.

Marketing at Northern Rail has been transformed over the last 12 months and they are now at the stage whereby real customer data can be used to not only understand who the customers are but also their wants and needs for travelling by train.

Phil Gates, Head of Marketing & Sales at Northern Rail, said “We made a strategic move from traditional marketing to multi-channel marketing with an increased focus on digital channels. Customer insight and the ability to be in direct contact with our customer base has become ever more important and choosing the right partners to help us achieve has been crucial. The team at Occam has helped us deliver our marketing plan and discover new insights into our customers”