Crisp and Fresh Email Content

How we engage with Pizza Lovers

The Challenge

When you send high volumes of emails with similar messaging, how do you keep your communications fresh, creative and personal? That was the issue for Pizza Hut, who asked the Amaze team, part of Amaze One, to develop a fresh approach to e-mail production under the tightest of timescales.

The Solution

We created an HTML email framework that Pizza Hut can update with high-fidelity content panels. The panels make every new communication feel fresh and current, but don’t require a completely new build of the email.

The Outcome

Pizza Hut now has a suite of creative tiles that can be quickly and simply dropped into existing HTML templates. With a virtually unlimited amount of customizable email formats, Pizza Hut can now reach its customers with constantly refreshed, engaging content tailored to specific customer segments and circumstances.