Rediscover the ‘R’ in CRM

As we approach the era of GDPR, it’s time for marketers to take a long, hard look at their approach to CRM. Rising concerns about data privacy are coming from customers who are becoming more demanding about when and how brands communicate with them.

In this follow up to our ‘Fair Trade?’ report, we take the temperature of the population’s attitude to personal data and the relationship they have with brands.

Questions we ask include:

•  How do consumers feel about how their personal information is used?

• What factors are important in making a consumer willing to engage with a brand?

• What content do they want to consume?

• What makes them reluctant to engage or to opt out of contact?

We also suggest a way forward with a new ‘value exchange’ that will help you to manage and enhance your relationships with customers. Basically, we’re talking about putting the ‘R’ back in CRM.

Download our report and understand what your customers are thinking and what you should do about it.

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Rediscover the 'R' in CRM

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