Sean sees human behaviour differently. It’s that ability to see the familiar in a new way that helps him develop the strategies no one else can.

Perhaps it’s his fluency in several languages that makes the difference. Perhaps his broader perspective comes from living in China, Germany and the US. All we know is it helps him not only keep pace with, but foresee the new trends shaping our industry.

Understanding the human truths that motivate customer behaviour: that is Sean’s passion and role within Amaze One. He’s always been fascinated by the human decision-making process. It’s what led him to study Marketing Management, and embark on a second degree in Economics which he’s currently studying at the University of London.

At Amaze One, Sean continues to help clients understand what motivates a customer. He then applies his findings to develop insight, PR, analytics or content strategies, as he has done for clients including Lexus, Toyota, Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Dow Chemical and ASICS.