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Webinar – Making data strategy simple by Paul Kennedy – Data Strategy Director.

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Most companies understand the vital role of customer data in growing their business. However, with ever changing competition, consumer attitudes, evolving technology and data protection laws opportunities to use it to enhance customer communications are sometimes missed.

This webinar covers some key areas such as 1st party data capture and the value exchange, as well as the role of external enhancement data and programmatic advertising for customer engagement.

Paul will explore:

  • New opportunities to use your CRM data to enhance marketing performance
  • How to move more online advertising budget down the sales funnel
  • What new EU data regulations mean for data strategy
  • Buying external data – what are the alternatives and how to measure value

About Paul:thumbnail

Paul is an advocate of the unique role of customer data in creating sustainable competitive advantage for brands.

His raison d’être is to create commercial success for clients through more effective interactions for customers. He does that by picking up on insights that deliver a stronger understanding of consumer needs and behaviours.

Paul has a wealth of marketing experience across many sectors from nine years with Callcredit Information Group. Prior to that, he was Relationship Director at ClarityBlue and Experian Integrated Marketing.

He holds an MBA in Strategic Market Planning and a BSc (Eng) in Communications Engineering, both from Trinity College, Dublin.